SSG Todd E. Nunes

3 July 1974 - 2 May 2004

Alpha Company, 1st Battalion 21st Infantry

FOB Warrior, Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom

SSG Todd Nunes made the ultimate sacrifice for his country when he was killed by direct enemy action, while participating in a mounted combat patrol in Task Force Gimlet’s area of operations in the city of Kirkuk, Iraq. As always, SSG Nunes performed his duties honorably and courageously during a recon patrol of a future route. As a Squad Leader with Light Infantry expertise, he was a critical link of Alpha Company’s success in Kirkuk. For nearly four months of the deployment, he executed numerous combat patrols and security missions to perfection. For his selfless contribution and heroic service in support of the 1-21 Infantry Battalion, SSG Nunes was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star Medal.

On 3 July 1974, SSG Nunes was born in Santa Clara, California. Shortly after his birth, his family moved to Tennessee where he grew up. During high school, he competed successfully in wrestling. Shortly after graduation in 1994, he enlisted and became a proud United States Army Infantryman. After training at Ft. Benning, Georgia, SSG Nunes’s first assignment was with the 101st Airborne Division, Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. While at Ft. Campbell, he distinguished himself among other soldiers by graduating from Air Assault School and earning the coveted Expert Infantryman’s Badge. Also while at Ft. Campbell, he deployed to both Bosnia and Kosovo. In the Balkans on his first deployment, SSG Nunes decided to marry his high school sweetheart, Christy.

SSG Nunes’ next tour of duty was with 2-27 Infantry Battalion “Wolfhounds” at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. As a Wolfhound and peacekeeper, he deployed to Haiti and the Sinai. Upon his return from overseas, SSG Nunes became a highly regarded member of the 1-21 Infantry “Gimlet” family. Initially, he was assigned to the Support Platoon where he served with distinction. Upon completion of the Basic Noncommissioned Officer’s Course, SSG Nunes was assigned as a Squad Leader in the 3rd Platoon of Alpha Company. Soon after his arrival, he immediately began preparing his soldiers for the deployment to the Middle East. His hands-on supervision of his squad’s deployment preparations was peerless, since this deployment was his fifth in just over eight years.

Once in Iraq, SSG Nunes began to distinguish himself immediately using his experience from previous deployments with similar missions. He unselfishly helped lead his men and offered advice to his superiors. SSG Nunes was a professional soldier and a sincere family man. His love and devotion to his family was frequently shared during his free time in both Hawaii and Iraq. Even in Iraq, he lovingly mentioned his wife, Christy, and their two children, daughter Larissa, 7, and son Alex, 18 months, saying, “I can’t believe I have such beautiful kids.” SSG Nunes was laid-back, optimistic, and caring. He was never one to be selfish and was always happy to let his Soldiers borrow anything. SSG Nunes was an exceptional Soldier, friend, and brother-in-arms. His contributions to the Gimlets were invaluable and he will be greatly missed by everyone whose lives he touched. “GIMLETS!”