SPC David P. Mahlenbrock

02 April 1984 - 03 December 2004

 2nd Platoon (Renegades), Bravo Company (Bushmasters), 65th Engineer Battalion

Webster defines a Sapper as a military specialist in field fortification work and a military demolition specialist.  The term "Sapper" can be traced back as far as 1501 to the siege of Rouen during the French Wars.  Sappers, throughout time, have proven their abilities to build and repair fortifications, execute field works, and reform the countryside with demolitions and heavy equipment to weaken the enemy and lead the Infantry to victory on the battlefield.

Specialist David P. Mahlenbrock was a Sapper.

SPC David P. Mahlenbrock was born 02 April 1984 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His family moved to New Jersey, where he earned his high school diploma. SPC Mahlenbrock worked at a department store until joining the Army.

He attended Basic Training and Advance Individual Training at Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri, with Foxtrot Company, 35th Engineer Battalion on 19 October 2002.

SPC Mahlenbrock arrived at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii on 21 February 2003. He was then assigned to 2nd Platoon (Renegades), Bravo Company (Bushmasters), 65th Engineer Battalion.

While in Bravo Company, he served as the platoon M240B gunner and as combat engineer. He participated in various platoon field exercises, Company demolition modules, Lightning Thrust Warrior, and ultimately in Operation Iraqi Freedom II. His awards and decoration include the GWOT Expeditionary Medal and Service Ribbon, National Defense Service Medal and the Army Service Ribbon.

He is survived by his wife Melissa and daughter Kadence.