PFC Ernest Harold Sutphin

21 December 1982 - 18 March 2004

Bulldog Battery, 2nd Battalion, 11th Field Artillery Regiment

2nd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (Light)

PFC Ernest H. Sutphin made the ultimate sacrifice for his country when he was mortally wounded while serving honorably during a patrol North of Haweija in the Task Force Wolfhound zone of operations. PFC Sutphin performed enthusiastically and courageously during an A Company, 1-27 Infantry Regiment mission to interdict the enemy from using the North Haweija region for rocket and mortar positions, intelligence gathering, or for the storage of weapons to eventually be used against coalition forces. As a fire supporter, PFC Sutphin played an invaluable role in guaranteeing the Wolfhound Battalion’s mission success. During the first two months of the deployment, he executed complex fire support plans to perfection while contributing to the battalion’s overall mission; including the firing of over 600 105mm rounds, over 100 81mm mortar rounds, and over 100 60mm mortar rounds in theater. For his selfless contribution and heroic service in support of both the ON TIME and WOLFHOUND battalions, PFC Sutphin was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, the nation’s third highest award for valor in combat.

PFC Sutphin was born on 21 December 1982 to Mrs. Jackie Piggott. He graduated from Parkersburg High School in Parkersburg, West Virginia in June of 2001. PFC Sutphin completed the United States Army Basic Combat Training and Advance Individual Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in March of 2003. After distinguishing himself early in his military career during basic and advanced individual training and the United States Airborne School, PFC Sutphin reported to Bulldog Battery, 2nd Battalion, 11th Field Artillery Regiment, 25th Infantry Division (Light), Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. While serving in Bulldog Battery, PFC Sutphin’s accomplishments as a fire supporter were peerless. PFC Sutphin contributed immeasurably during the 2003 Best Fire Support Team competition when his fire support team, A/1-27 FIST, took first place out of nine competing teams. During the 2003 Warrior Challenge Best Company Competition, PFC Sutphin displayed leadership qualities above his rank as he led the Bravo Battery Bulldogs to a first place finish ahead of 25 other competing companies and batteries. While his military accomplishments rank him among the finest soldiers ever to serve in the 11th Field Artillery Regiment, his loyalty and love for his family and brothers-in-arms outshine all of these achievements. This loyalty and optimistic outlook on life inevitably earned him the nickname “Happy” by his closest friends.