CPL Joseph C. Thibodeaux III

1 September 2004 

Joseph C. Thibodeaux III had a natural talent for shooting, even though the first time he loaded a 9 mm gun, he put the bullets in backward.

"But the first time he shot at a target, he hit a bull's-eye," said his dad.

He was such a good marksman that he hoped to go to the Olympics, said his father, Joseph Thibodeaux Sr. He also was going to teach other sharpshooters, but those orders were put on hold after the war began.

Thibodeaux graduated from high school in 1998 and was remembered as "one of those students you like to have in class."

"He was respectful, always used 'yes, ma'am' and 'yes, sir,' and an all-around good guy," said Principal Patrick Leonard.

Thibodeaux took leave from his UPS job in Louisiana and joined the Army because he wanted to do more with his life. Thibodeaux, 24, of Lafayette, La., was gunned down Sept. 1 in an ambush near Hawija. He was stationed at Schofield Barracks.

"He lived as if he were invincible, and now, he'll forever be invincible," said Jerome Thibodeaux, his brother. He also is survived by his mother, Rebecca Thibodeaux.

From: http://legacy.com/WashingtonPost/Soldier/Story.aspx?personid=3098006